Office Complex

Relais Intl. Business Center is ideally located at No12, Charles de Gaulle close, off Jimmy Carter street, in Asokoro (area 11), Abuja, Nigeria.
AFD (Agence Française de Développement) entered the building, as first new tenant, 2016, December 1st. Thales delegation to Nigeria, JICA and ECES joined AFD during 2017 first semester. In 2018, Marubeni Corporate, Airbus and Islamic Development Bank completed the building occupancy. RIBC should suit the location of any private or public organization, taking advantage of its proximity to several embassies, international organizations, ministries and high net worth individuals. RIBC is located in a discreet area that ensures confidentiality and security all in central Abuja. with a great view over Abuja, RIBC premises proposes 2,400 sqm of office space divided in five floors of 480 sqm each over a 3,000 sqm surface and 7 levels, The premises are made of 7 floors of 500 sqm each. it is equipped with two generator each, a 15,000l dissel tank, a water borehole and in house reservoirs of 30,000l, 2lifts, security guard 24/7, reception, staff common room, drivers waiting and 100 parking space. The building is secured, managed and maintained by ourselves as well as we do it for residential unite housing Embassy staff. The building accommodates two types of offices. Long term lease: each floor of 500 sqm is dividable and can be partitioned at client’s request. short term lease of 40 sqm with complete office services: secretary, furniture, printing, meeting/training room with video projector for up to 25 people, transport and security for movement in Abuja and surrounding. A restaurant (Relais café) offering breakfast, light meal, take away, in house and out door catering deliverable located in ground floor of the building. The last floor has been developed in the last quarter of 2017 and offers 8 units of one (1) bedroom flat with kitchen and hotel services.
With a spectacular view over Abuja, the Relais International Business Center premises proposes 3,000 sqm of offices spaces divided in 5 floors of 500 sqm each. Each floor can be smoothly divided into 2 wings and partitioned as the tenant wishes. We have proposed some sketches to give ideas about partitioning options. However, each organization is different and has different needs, please contact us to meet and visit the premises. we will be able to set up a partitioning project for your particular needs 3 options of interior partitioning are explored in these drawings.
One is a modern oriented open space like environment, another one is call center oriented, the third one is suited for services or consulting companies. All partitioning plans can be reviewed to answer particular needs. Relais Intl. Business Center (RIBC) building is designed to avoid unnecessary loss of space like columns. Therefore the personalization of your environment is made easier. The ceilings are 2,78 meters (9 feet) high with transversal beams of 30 cm (12 inches) wide and 20 cm (8 inches) high. This configuration offers great luminosity to your office environment.