Gourmet dinners at Relais Cafe

Relais Café organize Gourmet Dinners, bookings only. What is it all about? Gourmet dinners are happening Thursdays and Saturdays from 19:00 and proposes a 4 courses meal that visits French Traditional Cuisine while using local goods as much as possible. Relais Cafe is situated in Relais International Business Center, 12, Charles de Gaulle close [...]

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Masada III Project update

Masada III is located in Asokoro, Abuja and complete the development of our Relais International Business Center plot. The structure of the Building is now finalized and we will implement the roof in January 2019. Project is on track and due to be finalized in July 2019, first tenant already anticipated to enter October 1st [...]

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Relais International Business Center Newsletter 5

Relais International Business Center (RIBC)   FIFTH EDITION RIBC in Lagos   Relais Guest House Opening MAY 2018   RIBC IN LAGOS Relais International opened a new office in Lagos, the largest city of West Africa, to answer the needs of representation and relocation of our clients. This office is situated No. 8 Oyinkan [...]

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Relais Cafe updates

Relais Cafe is located in our RIBC Office building. The restaurant have been decorated in the last few months and we have launched a new list in relation to your needs. Please check it out!    

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Relais Guest House Pre Opening Special Edition

  Relais International Business Center (RIBC)   SPECIAL EDITION Relais Guest House Pre Opening February 2018   RELAIS GUEST HOUSE IN PRE OPENING MODE Relais Guest House is situated in Relais International Business Center (RIBC), 12, Charles de Gaulle Close off Jimmy Carter Street in Asokoro, Abuja. Relais Guest House is in pre opening mode [...]

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